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Welcome to Generation Fuse, a podcast where older individuals share life stories and thoughts on today's topics!

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What is Generation Fuse?
June 15, 202300:00:52820.57 KB

What is Generation Fuse?

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Charis Spencer

Hello, I'm Charis, the host, and creator of Generation Fuse, a podcast where we bridge the generational gap by giving older individuals the platform to share captivating life stories and diverse perspectives on many topics. Before changing careers, I previously worked as a CNA, where I heard many stories from my clients who were of different backgrounds and ethnicities. I have always been fascinated by the wisdom and experiences of older generations, which led me to start this podcast. My mission is to capture the invaluable insights and stories of our elders, ensuring that their voices are heard and cherished. When I'm not hosting the show, you can find me practicing the art of wheel throwing, cooking, playing tennis, and traveling.


Nurse Coach

There is a great need to hear the stories of our elders. The stories they share are valuable to the next generation. The value of knowing how do deal with victories and failures, happiness and sadness, and peace and confusion just to name a few. So, I encourage you to share your story.

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